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Pellet production line

Biomass pellet production line usually refers to the production process of the entire biomass fuel pellet…

NPK fertilizer production line

The NPK fertilizer production line is divided into eight processes: batching, mixing, crushing…

Organic fertilizer production line

1. Crushing equipment、2. Mixing equipment、3. Conveying equipment、4. Granulation equipment …

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Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. which was known as Xingyang Mining Machinery Plant formerly, is an authorized enterprise by Soil-fertilizer Agricultural Technology Research and Development Institute of Henan Agricultural Department. With strong technical force, high-quality staff and advanced production equipment, our company has the Organic Fertilizer Environmental Engineering Research and Design Center of Zhengzhou City. We have dedicated to the research and development of large medium small organic and inorganic compound fertilizers production lines for a long time and opened up the precedent for the safe disposal of organic waste for organic and inorganic bio-fertilizer plants, garbage and sewage disposal plants.


organic powder fertilizerTianci Heavy

Equipment needed for making organic fertilizer from animal manure

Organic fertilizer production equipment is needed to make animal manure as organic fertilizer. The different performance characteristics of the equipment determine the different uses of the equipment and the pros and cons of the equipment. As…
Fertilizer crusher (3)Tianci Heavy

Urea Crusher anti-static measures and screen changing skills

In the Fertilizer production line, Urea Crusher is sometimes used. When Urea Crusher is in operation, it not only rubs against the material but also interacts with equipment movement and air factors, causing the Urea Crusher to generate static…
Organic Fertilizer Plant (1)Tianci Heavy

Small scale organic fertilizer production

Small scale organic fertilizer production: Speaking of Small scale organic fertilizer production, many people may think that it is a farmer’s homemade organic fertilizer processing method that pollutes the surrounding air and groundwater,…
Compost fermentation of pig manure (2)Tianci Heavy

Organic fertilizer compost fermentation principle and technology

The principle of organic fertilizer fermentation: The organic matter in compost underwent a complex transformation under the action of microorganisms, which can be summarized into two processes: 1. It is the mineralization process of organic…
Why use organic fertilizer (5)Tianci Heavy

How to produce high quality organic fertilizer?

How to produce high quality organic fertilizer? Basically, organic fertilizer raw materials are processed through deep composting to obtain high quality organic fertilizer. Modern compost compared to traditional compost: Similarities between…
Belt conveyor equipment (5)Tianci Heavy

Belt conveyor equipment maintenance

In the organic fertilizer production line, a lot of Belt conveyor equipment is used, some 35 meters, some more than ten meters, twenty meters, or even longer. Belt conveyor equipment is long-term working equipment, how to effectively extend…
Ammonium Chloride Granules (1)Tianci Heavy

Double roller granulator machine to process ammonium chloride granules

Ammonium chloride application: Ammonium chloride can be used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, and its mechanism is similar to ammonium sulfate, but the soil acidification caused by ammonium chloride is more serious than ammonium sulfate.…
Rotary drum dryer (2)Tianci Heavy

Rotary dryers/Rotary drum dryer/drum dryer for sale

Rotary dryers/Rotary drum dryer/drum dryer for sale: The operating process of organic fertilizer Rotary dryers is carried out in a closed system, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process. The drum dryer is composed…
Double roller granulator machine (4)Tianci Heavy

Double roller granulator machine manufacturer

Application of Double roller granulator machine in fertilizer production: A double roller granulator machine is used for the granulation of mixed fertilizer or compound fertilizer, ammonia fertilizer, potash fertilizer, and many other fertilizers.…

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