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Small flat film pellet machine shipped to Azerbaijan

Last week, we sent a straw machine and a small flat die granulator to Azerbaijan. This is our first time exporting goods to Azerbaijan. The customer found us through our website and wanted to buy a pelletizer to make animal feed. We recommended our flat film pelletizing production line to the customer. The customer said […]

Processing and production of organic fertilizer industry development

Processing and production of organic fertilizer industry development: In recent years, the development of the organic fertilizer industry has driven the development of organic fertilizer production equipment. Since the end of 2016, the country has gradually increased the promotion and use of organic fertilizer, which has promoted the sound development of the organic fertilizer industry. […]

Organic fertilizer production line sold to Brazil

Organic fertilizer production line sold to Brazil: Last week we sent an organic fertilizer production line to Brazil. When the customer found our website on Google, the Brazilian customer sent an inquiry about a Disc pelletizer. We learned from the communication between our sales manager and the customer that the customer can ferment by themselves. […]

China Organic fertilizer granulator

China Organic fertilizer granulator: Last week we sent a use-60 organic fertilizer granulator to China. The customer is a trading company in China. He helped his customer find an organic fertilizer granulator. After seeing our official website, I contacted Our salesman told us that the main raw materials of our customers are chicken manure and […]

Rotary sifter machine / Rotary screening machine features

Rotary sifter machine introduction application: Rotary sifter machines, also called rotary screening machines, tumbler screening machines, rotary sieve machines, and rotary trommel are indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer production line for processing organic fertilizer. In order to ensure the quality of processed organic fertilizer products, most Organic Fertilizer Plants are in two process stages […]

How to buy organic fertilizer granulator machine?

Organic fertilizer granulator machine equipment is an important part of commercial organic fertilizer and large and medium-sized organic fertilizer processing production lines. Because the organic fertilizer processed into pellets is not only convenient for storage and transportation but also has many benefits such as water retention and fertilizer retention. The purchase of organic fertilizer granulator […]

What equipment is needed to build a chicken manure organic fertilizer plant

The construction scale of chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturers is generally 5,000 tons – 100,000 tons per year. If you want to invest in chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturers, you must comprehensively consider local resources, market capacity, and market coverage. The most headache for farmers in the poultry farming industry is how to deal with […]

How to identify and use organic fertilizer

Speaking of the definition and classification of organic fertilizers, the first thing to note is that organic fertilizers here refer to organic fertilizers that meet national and international standards and are fully decomposed and harmless. This type of organic fertilizer is processed by professionals Organic fertilizer production equipment. This type of organic fertilizer has the […]

Powdery organic fertilizer production line

The use of animal manure to process organic fertilizer is a new type of industry. Such an industry is supported by national policies and sought after by market funds, and its products are welcomed by growers. Such hot products are divided into production processes in the form of products, such as powdered organic fertilizer production […]

How to make chicken manure fertilizer

The chicken industry includes the breeding of laying hens and broilers. It can be said that it is a relatively typical type of livestock and poultry breeding, and it is also relatively large in scale. A single household can easily range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The industrialized processing industry of making […]