Chicken manure organic fertilizer compost

Chicken manure organic fertilizer compost

In order to adapt to the theme of green environmental protection, Organic fertilizer production equipment has a good performance in aquaculture, planting, and agricultural deep processing industries. There are three common methods for processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer for chicken farms. Today we will talk about the three processing modes of Chicken manure organic fertilizer compost.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer (2)

Chicken manure organic fertilizer (2)

Direct drying mode

Its main process is to manually spread out the chicken manure and dry it directly, then crush it and pack it as a product for sale.
The advantage is:
1. Low product cost
2. Simple operation;
weakness is:
1. It covers a large area and pollutes the environment.
2. There is also a problem of timeliness and seasonality in the drying process, and it cannot be produced continuously in a factory.
3. The product is large in size, low in nutrients, secondary fermentation exists, and the quality of the product is difficult to guarantee.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer (1)

Chicken manure organic fertilizer (1)

Dry chicken manure mode

Its technological process is to directly pass the chicken manure through high temperature, heating, sterilization, and drying, and process the dried chicken manure with a moisture content of about 13%, which is directly sold as a product.
The advantage is:
1. Large production volume and fast speed;
2. The quality of the product is stable and the moisture content is low.
weakness is:
1. Exhaust gas from the production process pollutes the environment.
2. High energy consumption in the production process, the energy consumption per ton is about 200 yuan.
3. The product that comes out is only dry on the surface, it still has a bad smell and secondary fermentation after soaking in water, and the quality of the product is unreliable.
4. The equipment investment is large and the utilization rate is not high.
5. The content of organic matter in chicken manure is lost during processing, causing non-compliance.

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Trough compost

Biological fermentation mode

Chicken manure compost mainly has the following three fermentation modes:
1. Fermentation in the fermentation tank. The main process is to mix chicken manure, grass charcoal, and sawdust into a cement tank, aerobically ferment and stir in nutrient-rich bacteria, smash after fermentation is completed, second aging and decomposing to increase nutrient content, and then proceed to Granulator machine for fertilizer Deep processing such as granulation, and sieving and packaging to become Chicken manure organic fertilizer.
The advantages are:
① The production process is simple and convenient, with little investment and low production cost.
② In the secondary aging process of the fermentation tank, the harmless disposal is realized and the nutrient element content of the raw materials is increased;
③ In the tank fermentation turning and throwing, the material moisture can be controlled, and the moisture content can reach a reasonable level.
④ Utilize the characteristics of trough fermentation to realize continuous fermentation and uninterrupted production, thereby realizing an increase in production capacity and a high degree of industrial mass production.
This fermentation maturity method is suitable for large, medium, and small-scale organic fertilizer processing and composting methods.

2. Direct composting. The main process is to mix chicken manure with straw or grass charcoal at a height of about 1 meter, use high-temperature compost, and periodically turn over aeration and fermentation, and use it as a product after fermentation.
The advantages are: the production process is simple, the investment is small, and the cost is low.
weakness is:
① The product stacking time is too long, and it is greatly affected by various external conditions, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee.
②The degree of continuous production of products in the factory is not high, and the production cycle is long.

3. Tower fermentation. The main process is to mix chicken manure with sawdust and other auxiliary materials, and then connect to the biological bacteria agent. At the same time, the tower body is automatically ventilated, and the biological growth is used to accelerate the fermentation and deodorization of chicken manure. After a fermentation cycle, the product comes out of the tower body. It’s basically a product.
This tower model has a small footprint, low energy consumption, low pollution, lack of secondary aging, resulting in insufficient nutrition, but its current problems are:
① Relying only on the biological heat generated by fermentation to dehumidify, the moisture content of the product does not meet the requirements of commercialization;
② The current process flow is not running smoothly, resulting in a large increase in labor costs, and the output fails to meet the design requirements.

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