The cost of area and equipment required to construct an organic fertilizer factory

For friends who are preparing to start production of an organic fertilizer factory, there are many things that need to be understood, such as project establishment, production plan, process selection, equipment purchase, plant construction, and possibly bidding matters. Today, Tianci Heavy Industries will introduce in detail the plant area, equipment, and cost required to build an organic fertilizer factory.

The plant area required to construct the organic fertilizer factory:

Large-scale organic fertilizer factory projects generally include ten areas of regional planning, namely: 1. Office building; 2. Staff living area; 3. Raw material storage area; 4. Fermentation workshop; 5. Semi-finished product storage area; 6. Production workshop; 7. Finished product storage area; 8. Organic planting demonstration area; 9. Parking green area; 10. Consumables warehouse workshop.
Among them, the raw material storage area, fermentation workshop, semi-finished product storage area, production workshop, and finished product storage area are actually integrated in planning, which can reduce transportation links and improve work efficiency.
In general, according to the annual output, the required area is shown in the following table:

Annual production (t) Occupies acres/square meter Raw material (t) Finished product (t) Strain (kg)
<5000 1000—3200 5—20 3—18 1—5
5000 8/5000 23 18 11.5
10000 15/10000 45 30 22.5
20000 30/20000 90 75 45
30000 45/30000 135 105 67.5
50000 75/50000 225 150 112.5
80000 90/80000 360 240 180
100000 150/100000 450 300 225

Note: The total area required for ten areas is shown in the table. In the customer demand case, the area is not a standard according to the site and different conditions, and the actual situation needs to be planned and utilized.

The equipment and cost required to construct an organic fertilizer factory:

First of all, in the case of equipment purchase alone, the price of a set of organic fertilizer production equipment may range from tens of thousands to several million yuan. There are many factors that affect the price of organic fertilizer equipment. The production capacity, raw materials, and equipment selection must also consider the rise and fall of equipment raw materials. Today, we will use our different customer production cases to explain the equipment and prices in detail and see which situation is suitable for you.

1. Simple configuration of organic fertilizer equipment to produce fermented organic fertilizer

If organic fertilizer is produced on a small scale, commercial sales are not required, only the pre-fermentation process is required, and the later deep processing is not required. At present, there are three forms of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment:
1. Choose an organic fertilizer fermentation tank.
Fermentation tank processing organic fertilizer is suitable for conditions with strict environmental protection requirements and high fermentation aging requirements. At present, the use of fermentation tanks to process organic fertilizer can produce raw materials within 48 hours. The fermentation tank can be equipped with a deodorization system to completely solve the environmental pollution problem. It is not affected by the external temperature and environmental terrain and can be produced at any time.
2. Use a small Trough Compost turner machine.
Trough Compost turner machine runs stably. It can be used for slot-changing operations with a single-turner. It can handle multi-trough materials with large output and a uniform turner. The price of a small 2-meter Trough Compost turner machine is only more than 30,000 yuan.
3. Use self-propelled Organic fertilizer compost turner.
The self-propelled organic fertilizer compost turner is divided into wheel type and crawler type. It is characterized by a large processing capacity and free movement. It is suitable for organic fertilizer turning operations in a wide area and is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants that do not want to carry out a lot of civil engineering. The price of the crawler turning and polishing machine is more than 50,000 yuan.

2. Simple configuration of equipment for producing powdered organic fertilizer

The production of organic powder fertilizer is finely pulverized after the organic fertilizer is fermented. The equipment required: fermentation dumper, forklift silo, semi-wet material pulverizer, drum screening machine, automatic packaging scale, etc. This kind of low-end organic powder fertilizer production equipment can be realized at a price of about 100,000 yuan.

3. Equipment for producing granular organic fertilizer

The production process of the organic fertilizer Pellet production line is currently relatively complete and complex, and it is also based on continuous fermentation technology and powder organic fertilizer processing. Therefore, the required equipment is relatively more, including fermentation machine, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, film coating machine, and Automatic packaging machine, etc. When the process has special needs, dynamic ingredients are also needed. The price of a small complete set of equipment is about 300,000 yuan.
For professional organic fertilizer factory processing enterprises, the production capacity requirements are relatively large. For the organic fertilizer production line equipment with an annual output of 50,000 tons, the equipment price is between 900,000 and 2 million. Such a price range is a reasonable range that takes into account the different needs of different customers.

Pellet production line

Pellet production line

Tianci organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer:

The above is the approximate price of organic fertilizer production equipment. Since 2021, the price of metals has soared, pushing up the price of equipment, and the specific situation should be based on real-time quotations.
In the actual process design, because the capacity requirements of each project, the ground processing site, and the configuration of the whole set of organic fertilizer production equipment are not fixed, there are often many different situations, so the specific price depends on the situation. Tianci Heavy Industry will generally provide customers with process design, equipment processing and installation, and production training for free according to the actual situation of the customer. Let customers achieve mass production without any worries.

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