Cow manure organic fertilizer production line

The intensive development of the cattle manure breeding industry has promoted the rapid development of the cattle manure organic fertilizer processing industry. The cow manure organic fertilizer production line is used to comprehensively recycle cattle farm manure and breeding residues to improve the pollution of cattle farms. At the same time, the use of cow manure organic fertilizer production line can provide fertilizer nutrients for the development of green agriculture.

Pretreatment technology of cow manure organic fertilizer production line:

Aerobic fermentation method. The raw materials of cow manure should be pre-treated before composting to meet the fermentation conditions such as moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio. Under normal circumstances, the carbon to nitrogen ratio of cow manure raw materials is 19-23:1, which is basically suitable for composting requirements, but the moisture status of cow manure varies greatly. The moisture content of cattle manure in large-scale breeding farms is as high as 60%~80%, and measures must be taken to reduce the moisture content to 50%~60% before composting.
It is recommended to adjust the moisture content of cow manure to reduce the moisture content by mixing the feedstock, that is, adding fermented low-moisture cow manure material (about 30% moisture) to the high-moisture cow manure pile. The two dry and wet materials can be effectively mixed. The moisture content of the overall composting raw material is reduced. The advantage of this pretreatment method is that the raw material is easy to obtain and the processing cost is low. If the moisture of fresh cow dung is as high as 80% or more, the method of reducing the moisture can also be Cow dung dewatering machine and other methods.

Cow manure organic fertilizer production line process:

1. Put fresh cow dung with a moisture content of 65%-85% and appropriate auxiliary materials (dry straw, chopped grass, dried cow dung, etc.) in the fermentation tank for fermentation, and at the same time use fermentation equipment (mixer) to fully stir;
2. The Cow manure organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine is constantly turning over to adjust the moisture and carbon and nitrogen ratio (C/N);
3. The mixed fresh cow dung is fermented for 7 days under suitable temperature and oxygen conditions; then it is sent to the dryer, and the cow dung blocks fully contact with the hot air and quickly lose surface moisture;
4. Because the dryer is equipped with high-speed rotating crushing equipment, the cow dung blocks are continuously broken and lose water to complete the drying process; metering, bagging, packaging, and storage.
In the production of balanced compound organic fertilizer, the N, P, and K element content of dried cow dung is measured during the middle stage of drying cow dung, and then according to various crops, flowers, grassland, forest fruits, and vegetables, the balanced compound organic fertilizer is determined. Fertilizer N, P, K elements are required to be added quantitatively to the cow dung being dried, fully mixed with a mixer, weighed, bagged, packaged, and stored.

Cow manure organic fertilizer production line equipment:

The cattle manure organic fertilizer production line includes equipment: stacker, wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, a new type of stirring tooth granulator, dryer, cooler, sieving machine, round thrower, Fertilizer packing machine, and transportation materials Belt conveyor.

Process characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer production line:

The digestive system of cows is different from that of other animals, so cow dung contains more fiber, so the process of using cow dung to produce organic fertilizer is somewhat different from that of other organic fertilizers. Generally, the pelletizing equipment used in the production of chicken manure organic fertilizer is mostly the Disc pelletizer. The disc pelletizer is suitable for pelletizing materials with relatively small particle sizes. There are more fibers in the cow manure, and the pelletizing machine is successful. The rate is too low, so a new type of stirring tooth granulator is used. The particles produced by the new-type stirring tooth granulator are mostly irregular, so it must be used in conjunction with the rounding machine to make the produced organic cattle manure and organic fertilizer particles more rounded and better in appearance.

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