The difference between the three Manure dehydrator machines


Manure dehydrator machine is the basic equipment for breeding farms. For example, the water content of pig manure is very high, and it usually needs to be dehydrated. Commonly used Manure dehydrator machines include belt type, inclined screen solid-liquid separator, and screw extrusion type dehydrator. In actual cases, the three models have their own characteristics. If you want to say good or bad, you need to distinguish from the application level. Below, let’s compare which of these three dehydration machines is better? Through their respective structural characteristics.

Comparison of three Manure dehydrator machines:

Features and advantages of belt Manure dehydrator machine:

Belt Manure dehydrator machine is divided into four zones according to dehydration: gravity dehydration zone, wedge-shaped pre-pressing dehydration zone, convolute dehydration zone, and shearing dehydration zone. Its application replaces various old-fashioned plate basket filter presses and centrifugal. Type thickener, and double screw squeezing machine. The frame is made of high strength: square steel, the large dewatering roller is made of special materials, and the tension of the mesh and the angle of the roller are pneumatically adjusted by the cylinder, which can basically achieve unattended and automatic operation. Very low power consumption (speed regulating motor), Easy to install and use, reasonable investment. The performance is quite superior.
It can be seen from the above characteristics that it is superior in terms of ease of control and less labor.

Features and advantages of inclined sieve Manure dehydrator machine:

The inclined screen type Manure dehydrator machine is large-scale solid-liquid separation equipment for sewage, manure, and biogas liquid with a small solid content and a large water content. The inclined screen type dehydrator requires that the moisture content of the material is above 90%, and the solid particle size of the material is above 0.3mm.
The inclined screen dehydrator is mainly used for the dehydration of livestock and poultry manure, manure, and biogas residue. The machine is suitable for the solid-liquid dehydration of low-concentration sewage. The equipment shell is made of all stainless steel, and the cylindrical filter is made of nylon material-strong corrosion resistance. The product has a large processing capacity and is specially designed for the separation of fine impurities. The screen size can also be customized according to the customer’s processing materials, and the screen density can also be adjusted for gradual separation; suitable for sewage treatment, biogas slurry filtration, etc. in the later stage of the farm. Wide range of use and good treatment effect.
The inclined screen dehydrator has an inclined surface to filter out the excess water first, and then squeeze it for dehydration. It can be widely used for animal manure (pig manure, duck manure, rabbit manure, pig manure, cow manure, etc.) ) Dehydration treatment. The inclined screen Manure dehydrator machine is mainly composed of: filter screen, screw auger, spiral blade, all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and alloy through a special process, and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. And other characteristics, it is 2-3 times the service life of other similar products.
From the characteristics of the inclined screen type pig manure dehydrator, it is not difficult to see that its corrosion resistance and wide application are worthy of attention.

Features and advantages of screw extrusion Manure dehydrator machine:

The screw extrusion Manure dehydrator machine is lifted and sent to the extrusion dehydrator by a non-clogging submersible pump, and then the manure water is gradually pushed to the front of the machine by the screw auger, and at the same time, the front edge of the machine is continuously improved. The pressure forces the moisture in the material to squeeze out the mesh screen under the action of the side pressure belt filter and flow out of the drain pipe. The work of the screw extrusion Manure dehydrator machine is continuous, the fecal water is continuously raised into the dehydrator body, and the pressure on the front edge is continuously increasing. When it reaches a certain level, the discharge port is pushed out and squeezed out. Extrusion port, to achieve the purpose of extruding and discharging.
In order to grasp the discharge speed and water content, you can adjust the counterweight below the host to achieve a satisfactory and proper discharge state. On the other hand, this type of dehydrator is smaller than the other two.
It is not difficult to see that the screw extrusion Manure dehydrator machine is a highly efficient, small footprint, and economical model.

Three kinds of Manure dehydrator machine applications:

In practical applications, although the three Manure dehydrator machines can be used to dehydrate feces, due to the different characteristics of the three machines, the belt type and the inclined screen type are more used for large-scale dehydration needs, and more are used for sludge dehydration. need. The screw-extruded Manure dehydrator machine is more widely used for the dehydration of pig manure and other livestock and poultry manure due to its compactness and low cost. If you want to inquire about the Manure dehydrator machine, please contact Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry, the manufacturer of pig manure dehydrators.

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