Farming plant processing organic fertilizer equipment

What equipment does a breeding plant need to invest in organic fertilizer production, and how much investment can be invested to achieve production? First of all, we must understand the scale of livestock manure that can be processed by the breeding plant. Different scales correspond to different amounts of organic fertilizer production equipment. First of all, I will introduce the scale of organic fertilizer production. The production line with an annual output of fewer than 5,000 tons belongs to the ultra-small organic fertilizer production line. , 5000-20000 tons belong to the small-scale organic fertilizer production line, and more than 100,000 tons belong to the large-scale organic fertilizer production line.

The daily production of 5 cubic meters of animal manure breeding plant produces organic fertilizer:

The ultra-small organic fertilizer production line is suitable for farms with a daily output of 5 cubic meters, which is about 4 tons to 5 tons of manure, and a farm with about 3,000 pigs. The recommendations are as follows:
This ultra-small processing organic fertilizer production line does not require professional equipment. It only needs to be staggered and fermented one by one in the manure shed every day, and then it can be used or sold for personal use.

The daily production of 5-10 cubic meters of animal manure breeding plant produces organic fertilizer:

The small-scale organic fertilizer production line is suitable for breeding plants with a daily output of 5 cubic meters to 10 cubic meters of animal manure, and the inventory is about 5000-25000 pigs.
For this kind of farm, you can purchase simple facilities, mainly organic fertilizer turning machines, grinders, horizontal mixers, Organic fertilizer granulators, screening machines, conveyors and other equipment. Small organic fertilizer equipment costs 100,000 to 300,000 yuan.

Bio-organic fertilizer production technology:

Bio-organic fertilizer production technology is to add biological inoculants to poultry manure and other organic materials (We must select the bacteria that reduce ammonia gas in the production workshop during fermentation, otherwise it will do great harm to the production environment and the production workers). Bio-fermentation treatment in about a week, so as to achieve the purpose of complete deodorization, decomposing, insecticide, sterilization, and commercialization of livestock manure. This technology is particularly suitable for livestock manure processing in breeding plants, planting bases, and breeding centers.

Advantages of organic fertilizer production equipment used in farms:

1. Organic fertilizer production equipment can greatly save the cost of producing organic fertilizer and other products and improve production efficiency to ensure that the produced products are of good quality and large batches to meet the needs of users.
2. In terms of the ecological environment, increasing the application of organic fertilizer can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic waste in livestock and poultry breeding industries, which is conducive to improving the quality of agricultural products, preventing and controlling input pollution, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant;
3. In terms of crop production, strengthening the recycling of waste to generate new energy and restore it to the production of crops can greatly save cost and investment.

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