Organic fertilizer granulator

What are the advantages of organic fertilizer granulator in granulation:

1. Organic fertilizer granulator is also called the fertilizer granulator machine. The organic fertilizer granulator can granulate all kinds of organic matter. It is a little more convenient to use. Some organic fertilizers have a lighter specific gravity and are easily blown away by the wind when applied in the field, making them easy to apply.
2. Adopt one-time molding technology.
3. High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, the strong fatigue resistance of the machine, continuous production, economical and durable
4. The whole machine adopts high-quality materials and an advanced connecting shaft transmission device, with a beautiful appearance and compact structure. The wearing parts and key parts are made of high-quality alloy steel and wear-resistant materials.

Which raw materials can the organic fertilizer pellet machine be used for?

Applicable raw materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, distillers grains, plant straw, bagasse, etc.

Advantages of organic fertilizer granulator:

The organic content can be as high as 100%, realizing the granulation of pure organic matter, the granules are firm, and can be sieved after granulation, reducing drying energy consumption. It is often used as base fertilizer, with a large amount of application, which can provide nutrient elements and improve soil properties, especially for improving sandy soil, clay and saline soil.
The use of solid organic wastes to produce cylindrical granular organic fertilizers achieves the purpose of saving non-renewable resources and protecting the environment, with huge social benefits.

What details should the organic fertilizer granulator pay attention to when producing organic fertilizer?

‍‍1. The fertilizer granulator machine should be equipped with two silos to be granulated with powder so that the granulator does not need to stop when changing the formula.
‍‍2. Before the organic fertilizer raw materials enter the organic fertilizer pellet machine, a high-efficiency iron removal device must be placed to protect the granulator from damage to the machine by some other impurities in the raw materials.
‍‍3.‍‍The fertilizer granulator machine should be placed on the cooler, and the crusher should be placed under the cooler.
‍‍4. In order to make the organic fertilizer particles fall from a high place to the bottom of the silo, so as not to damage the bottom of the silo, a vertical spiral chute should be installed in the silo to slow down the impact.
‍‍5. ‍‍The finished product of granular organic fertilizer should be packaged in the finished product warehouse. Pay attention to the preservation environment so as not to affect the effect of organic fertilizer.

Main technical parameters of the new type organic fertilizer pellet machine:

Specification: 9ZLJ100
Productivity: 3-5t/h
Power (kW): 25

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