The role of agricultural organic fertilizer equipment

Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment is important mechanical equipment in agricultural production. With people’s emphasis on the sustainable development of soil agriculture, the safety of agricultural products, and the requirements for agricultural pollution discharge, all have promoted the rise of the resource utilization of agricultural waste, and as the key equipment for resource utilization-organic fertilizer equipment, It has also attracted much attention. Regardless of in the agricultural breeding industry or the planting industry, organic fertilizer equipment can be used to process the planting and breeding waste into the agricultural organic fertilizer that the green ecological agriculture depends on.

Agricultural organic fertilizer development:

As we all know, my country’s agricultural organic fertilizer industrial processing industry has only started in recent years. Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment was inconspicuous in the initial stage, consistent with the tepid organic fertilizer in the early years until the accelerated development trend appeared in the past three to five years. People who don’t know may think that organic fertilizer is not just the manure and plant waste of animals and plants? It is wrong to think so. In the long-term agricultural development, the waste of animals and plants is indeed used to support the fertility of the planting industry. Until the emergence of chemical fertilizers, the application of agricultural waste, manure, etc., were replaced by inorganic fertilizers that quickly promote plant growth. It is also that chemical fertilizers have made an indelible contribution to the rapid development of China’s agriculture. However, the long-term over-reliance on chemical fertilizers has caused the fertility of the soil to decline and severely impaired the ability of the soil to develop sustainably. For this reason, the agricultural organic fertilizer processing industry is gradually recognized by people. The market demand for organic fertilizer equipment is also increasing day by day.

Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment:

As the domestic manufacturing industry’s R&D and processing technology are becoming more advanced, the manufacturing technology of Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment is also making progress. The equipment on the market ranges from organic fertilizer forklifts to organic fertilizer turning machines, granulators, and other series of organic fertilizer equipment. The performance of the Organic fertilizer production line process has been greatly improved, from work efficiency, energy consumption, and automation development. There has been considerable progress in all aspects, and the processing equipment has higher precision and more reasonable craftsmanship. At the same time, various industries have increasingly higher requirements for the performance indicators of Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment. At the same time, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers also provide a variety of machinery and equipment for the market.

Agricultural organic fertilizer equipment function:

Organic fertilizer turning machine equipment is particularly important for the processing technology of agricultural organic fertilizer. Whether processing powdered organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer, the fermentation of organic fertilizer is mature and the increase of nutrients is inseparable from organic fertilizer turning. Machine, turning, and throwing machine. According to market feedback and calculation, the current compost pile turner is fully turned, has a good effect, good water control performance, and good oxygen supplement effect, which is of great help in reducing the fermentation time and maturity effect of agricultural organic fertilizer.
From the perspective of organic fertilizer granulating equipment, the new type organic fertilizer granulator has outstanding performance in organic fertilizer processing and compound fertilizer processing capabilities. It can be divided into agricultural organic fertilizer special granulator and organic-inorganic combined granulator. These granulating equipment breakthrough the defects of traditional fertilizer granulators and are more suitable for the characteristics of organic fertilizer high-humidity raw materials. The granulation rate has made a breakthrough, the molding effect is good, the round and smooth, the granulation rate exceeds 95%, and the return rate is minimal.

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