Which fermentation equipment is suitable for straw livestock manure processing organic fertilizer

Chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc. are not only rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrients, but also rich in organic matter. Livestock manure is a good organic fertilizer raw material for improving soil and improving soil fertility. However, if livestock manure is used directly, it will have adverse consequences such as damage […]

Precautions for the use of organic fertilizer fermentation tank equipment

According to the type of fermentation tank, Divided into mechanically agitated and ventilated and non-mechanically agitated and ventilated fermentation tanks. The main components of the fermenter: Tank: It is mainly used for cultivating and fermenting various bacteria, with good sealing (to prevent bacteria from being polluted), there is a stirring slurry in the tank, which […]

Fermentation method and equipment of organic fertilizer

In recent years, with the proposal of the national rural revitalization strategy, the pace of building beautiful villages has been gradually accelerated. The treatment of breeding waste is not only an urgent problem to be solved in the construction of new rural areas, but also a key link for extending the industrial chain for the […]

Chain Plate Compost Turner Machine (4)

4m Chain Plate Compost Turner Machine Manufacturer

The 4m Chain Plate Compost Turner Machine is the best-selling equipment model of our Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. It is suitable for trough-type aerobic composting of organic solid wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge and waste, and straw. Chain Plate Compost Turner Machine Structure: The lifting chain plate of the […]

Compost making machine prices in sri lanka

Tianci Heavy Industry not only provides Compost making machine prices in sri lanka, but also other organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production equipment prices. In addition to Fertilizer equipment, we also provide fertilizer production formulas, plant civil construction planning, etc. Compost making machine prices in sri lanka: As we all know, Compost making machines can […]

Compost making machine price in india and method

Compost making machine price in India categories: Compost making machine in India is the necessary production equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. Composting can be divided into trough composting, strip composting and fermentation tank composting. The corresponding Compost making machines used are the Trough Compost turner machine, self-propelled Compost making machine, and Fermentation tank. […]

Manure composting machine

Manure is manure that is used as fertilizer. After being composted and fermented by a Manure composting machine, it can increase organic matter in the fields. Compared with chemical fertilizers, the use of manure has a little adverse effect on crops. Therefore, manure must be used for farming fields in my country since ancient times. […]

Trough compost turner and a four-wheel compost turner difference

When the organic fertilizer production line is put into operation, many people often don’t know how to choose the fermentation turner equipment-whether to choose a Trough compost turner or a four-wheel compost turner? How to choose suitable organic fertilizer fermentation equipment? What factors to consider? This article will introduce you in detail. How to buy […]

Municipal sludge fermentation organic fertilizer

The municipal sludge is sterilized by aerobic fermentation by using the organic fertilizer fermentation technology, and the sludge is made into organic fertilizer. Such aerobic fermentation processes are a mixing system, a fermentation system, a screening system, and are equipped with a blast system and a deodorization system. To achieve such a fermentation purpose, the […]


Chain plate type fermentation turning and polishing machine

Introduction of Chain plate type fermentation turning and polishing machine: Chain plate type fermentation turning and polishing machine has high working efficiency and thorough fermentation, so it is favored by the organic fertilizer equipment market. There are several types of common chain-plate stacker models, mainly based on the width and capacity as a reference to […]