Double roller granulator machine manufacturer

Application of Double roller granulator machine in fertilizer production: A double roller granulator machine is used for the granulation of mixed fertilizer or compound fertilizer, ammonia fertilizer, potash fertilizer, and many other fertilizers. This machine double-input shaft granulation is a dry-free granulator that integrates granulation, molding, and grading. It adopts normal temperature granulation, no drying […]

Flat die extrusion granulator/Flat die granulator

Flat die extrusion granulator introduction: Flat die extrusion granulator, also called Flat die granulator, is mainly used in the manufacture of (biological) organic fertilizer and aquaculture and processing industries. The granular material processed by this machine has a smooth surface, moderate hardness, low-temperature rise during processing, and can be better Keep all the nutrients inside […]

Pan granulator/Disc granulator

Pan granulator introduction: Pan granulator is a type of Pelletizing machine, also known as disc granulator. It is a volume metering feeding device. Pan granulator is made of high-strength steel, which has the advantages of even granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, firm and durable equipment, long service life, etc. The material can be uniformly […]

Compound fertilizer granulator

Compound fertilizer granulator introduction: The compound fertilizer granulator is a granulator for the production of compound fertilizer. As long as it can be used for compound fertilizer granulation, it can be called a compound fertilizer granulator. The granulator used for chemical fertilizer on the market is divided into two types, one is used for Organic […]

Wet granulator / Stirring Tooth Granulator

Wet granulator equipment Stirring Tooth Granulator: The stirring tooth granulator is a Wet granulator, which uses mechanical principles to make granules. It is used to granulate various organic fertilizers after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic fertilizer granulation process. There is no need to dry the raw material before granulation, and the spherical particles can […]

Feed pellet machine / Feed pelletizer

Feed pellet machine introduction: A feed pellet machine or Feed pelletizer is a Feed pelletizer. It is a feed processing machine with corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, and other crushing materials directly pressed into particles. Feed pellet machine classification: Feed Pelletizer is divided into Ring Die Granulator, Flat Die Granulator, and Double Roller […]

Food / Pharmaceutical / Fertilizer granulator

Introduction to Fertilizer granulator: Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries are the countries that use more chemical fertilizers. The use of chemical fertilizers has promoted the application of Fertilizer machinery. We have sold many Fertilizer granulators to Southeast Asia. Application of Fertilizer granulator: Agriculture is the main economic activity […]

Ring die granulator

Ring die granulator introduction: Ring die granulator, also called Biomass pellet machine, is a kind of disperse and finely crushed agricultural and forestry biomass without a certain shape under certain temperature and pressure. After pretreatment, such as collection, drying, crushing, etc., it is compressed into rods and granules. Molding equipment. Ring die granulator working principle: […]

Extrusion granulator

Introduction to Extrusion granulator: Extrusion granulator is also called double roller extrusion granulator, roll extrusion granulator, double roller granulator, Roller granulator. Extrusion granulator is a dry granulation process that uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials. By squeezing the material by two counter-rotating rollers, the rollers are driven by an eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system. When […]

Biomass pellet machine | Poultry manure pellet machine

Biomass pellet machine uses: With the rapid development of the breeding industry, the pollution of livestock and poultry manure has become a major public hazard in some areas. In the past, in the vast rural areas, due to lack of sufficient attention, livestock and poultry manure were piled up in front of and behind houses, […]