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Is composting aerobic or anaerobic (3)

Difference between compost and fertilizer

Difference between compost and fertilizer Compost and fertilizer come from different sources Compost is an organic fertilizer widely used in agricultural production. It is an organic fertilizer made of straw, green grass, green manure, peat, turf, garbage and other wastes as the main raw materials, adding human and animal manure to accumulate and decompose. The […]

What is fertilizer for plants (2)

What is fertilizer for plants

Plant fertilizers that can be used for both green leaves and flowering: for example, daily rotten vegetable leaves, as well as fruit peels, fish and other flesh and blood can be used as both flower fertilizers, which can be placed directly on the roots, or the fermentation method can be fruit peels, rotten vegetables, etc. […]

How to do aerobic composting (4)

How to do aerobic composting?

The concept and principle of aerobic composting: The principle of aerobic composting: under aerobic conditions, the organic solid waste (mainly human excrement and feces) is biodegraded and decomposed by using the life metabolism of aerobic microorganisms in the compost—oxidation, reduction, synthesis and other processes. Biosynthesis. The main process of the process can be divided into […]

Top dressing outside the root

Top dressing method of fertilizer application

Vegetable and fruit trees need top dressing after sowing and transplanting, and the amount of top dressing is relatively large, generally accounting for about 1/3 or more of the total amount of fertilizer applied in the entire growth cycle of the crop. There are various methods of top dressing. Here are some commonly used Top […]

Fermentation equipment

Which fermentation equipment is suitable for straw livestock manure processing organic fertilizer

Chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc. are not only rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrients, but also rich in organic matter. Livestock manure is a good organic fertilizer raw material for improving soil and improving soil fertility. However, if livestock manure is used directly, it will have adverse consequences such as damage […]

differentiate between manure and fertilizers (1)

How to differentiate between manure and fertilizers

Types of fertilizers: Fertilizers can be divided into inorganic fertilizers and organic fertilizers according to their components. Inorganic fertilizers are also called chemical fertilizers, such as nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, potash fertilizers, compound fertilizers, etc., which belong to inorganic fertilizers; organic fertilizers are also called farmyard manures, such as stable manure, green manure, cake fertilizer, […]

High temperature fermentation machine (3)

How to turn food waste into fertilizer

Kitchen waste has a lot of moisture and organic matter, which perishes easily and produces unpleasant odors during storage and transportation. It is also a troublesome job for us to deal with kitchen waste. Turning kitchen waste into fertilizer can reduce the amount of garbage disposal, and the composted fertilizer can be used instead of […]

Cow dung fertilizer for plants (1)

Cow dung fertilizer for plants

Cow dung is a common manure fertilizer. Through reasonable fermentation, it can be turned into high-quality farmyard manure for fertilizing food crops, vegetables and fruit trees. So, does the application of cow dung require fermentation? Tianci’s introduction based on practical experience is as follows: Undecomposed cow dung can be used as base fertilizer in spring, […]

Effects of over fertilizing plants (3)

Effects of over fertilizing plants

Fertilizer is the guarantee of yield. Fertilizing and farming are the same as eating when people grow up: people will not feel sick if they eat too much. Nutritional balance is not balanced. It is not enough to eat only meat without vegetables. The same is true for farming and fertilizing. You can’t think that […]

How to boost plant growth naturally (2)

How to boost plant growth naturally?

In the process of plant growth, the most indispensable things are soil, water, suitable light, suitable temperature, suitable oxygen, etc. These are all given by nature. The artificial means that it needs to be supplied with certain nutritional requirements at the right time. After these conditions are met, the plant will thrive. How to boost […]