How to make bio organic fertilizer?

Definition of Bio organic fertilizer: Bio organic fertilizer refers to the use of crop stalks and livestock manure as the main raw materials, after inoculation of microbial compound bacteria, the use of biochemical technology and microbial technology to completely kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs, eliminate bad odors, use microorganisms to decompose organic matter, and […]

How to produce Manure organic fertilizer?

As the country pays more attention to environmental protection, livestock and poultry manure in the breeding industry is also one of the main sources of environmental pollution. However, if the livestock and poultry manure is processed, it is also a valuable organic fertilizer resource. Through processing, high-quality organic fertilizer can be made, which can not […]

How do we prepare organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is a product made from raw materials such as livestock manure and urban sludge straw after being composted, fermented, and granulated by the organic fertilizer plant. Composting methods are divided into high-temperature composting and ordinary composting according to the different raw materials. High-temperature composting uses plant matter with a high fiber content as […]

Phosphate fertilizer production process

What is phosphate fertilizer? 1) Phosphate fertilizer refers to a fertilizer with phosphorus (P) as the main nutrient to provide plant phosphorus nutrients as the main function of fertilizer. 2) Phosphorus is an important element that composes the cell nucleus and protoplasm and is a component of nucleic acids and nucleotides. The function of phosphorus […]

Use of sewage sludge in agriculture

Sludge treatment: In order to ensure that we all have clean domestic water, basically, every city has a sewage treatment plant. However, the domestic sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant has always been a headache for the environmental protection department, because the sludge is rich in a large amount of organic matter and pathogenic […]

Homemade organic fertilizer/Ways of preparing organic fertilizer

The current society advocates green environmental protection, and the concept of green agriculture and organic agriculture is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Making organic fertilizers not only turns waste into treasure, reduces environmental problems, but also provides high-quality fertilizers for agriculture. There is a wide range of raw materials for the manufacture of organic fertilizer. […]

Organic fertilizer manufacturing prospects and raw materials

Organic fertilizer manufacturing prospects As the cost of chemical raw materials rises, the price of agricultural and sideline fertilizers will continue to rise. In addition, the damage of chemical fertilizers to the soil and the pollution of water bodies began to attract people’s attention. People’s requirements for the environment make chemical fertilizers It is necessary […]

How to produce organic fertilizer/Production of organic fertilizer method

Organic fertilizer is mainly derived from plants and animals. Processed from biological materials, animal and plant wastes, and plant residues, the Production of organic fertilizer eliminates toxic and harmful substances and is rich in a lot of beneficial substances. 1. Use livestock manure to ferment organic fertilizer Use chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure, and […]

How do you make organic powder fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are divided into powder and granular forms according to the finished form. How do you make organic powder fertilizer? What is the difference between granular fertilizer and organic powder fertilizer? fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tianci Heavy will give you an analysis. How do you make organic powder fertilizer? The production of organic fertilizer powder […]

NPK compound fertilizer production line sold to Canada

NPK compound fertilizer refers to a compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. With the rapid economic development, agriculture has put forward higher requirements on the variety and quality of chemical fertilizers, and the production of compound fertilizers has also been paid more and more attention. It is the mainstream fertilizer in the market at […]