Mexican compound fertilizer Double roller granulator

The compound fertilizer Double roller granulator is sold to Mexico: Last week we shipped a compound fertilizer Double roller granulator to Mexico. The customer saw the roller press granulator on our website, showed a strong interest in our equipment, and sent us a message, hoping to reach a cooperation with us. After receiving the customer’s […]

Shipment of 1.5 tons of single-axis roller press granulator from Uganda

Ugandan customers purchase a single-axis roller press granulato: Recently, we sold a single-axis roller press granulator to Uganda. Customers have contacted us before, but they have not placed an order because they doubted the granulation effect of our equipment. In order to dispel the doubts of the customers, and at the same time prove to […]

Dung dewatering machine sold to Thailand

On August 15th, we sold Two Dung dewatering machines to Thailand. This customer is a regular customer who trusts us enough to purchase a Dung Dewatering machine from our factory several times. The customer thought that the quality of our equipment was good, the dehydrated cow dung was very clean, and he was full of […]

Organic fertilizer compost turner sold to Brazil

Organic fertilizer compost turner sold to Brazil: Recently, we have sent a number of Organic fertilizer compost turners to Brazil. The customer’s raw material is chicken manure, with an output of 10 tons per hour. We recommend the Crawler compost-making machine to the customer. Introduction of Organic fertilizer compost turner: The crawler-type turning machine is […]

Compound fertilizer roller press granulator sold to Indonesia

Recently, we sent an NPK compound fertilizer roller press granulator to Indonesia. The roller press granulator is a key device in the compound fertilizer production line . Uses and characteristics of Indonesian compound fertilizer roller press granulator: The dry-free extrusion granulation process of the Double roller press granulator has a wide range of applications in […]

Turkmenistan fertilizer plant ordered organic fertilizer production line

Turkmenistan fertilizer plant ordered organic fertilizer production line: Turkmenistan fertilizer plant recently ordered an organic fertilizer production line with an output of 4-7 tons per hour from our company. This is the second time the customer has purchased a fertilizer production line from our company. The customer previously purchased a production line for equity conversion […]

Fertilizer blending equipment and disk granulator sold to South Korea

On July 9th, we sold one disk granulator and two fertilizer blending equipment to South Korea. The horizontal mixer selected by the customer’s fertilizer blending equipment was used for compound fertilizer production. The Korean customer previously purchased one from our company Compound fertilizer production line, this purchase is to increase production output. The customer has […]

NPK compound fertilizer production line sold to Canada

NPK compound fertilizer refers to a compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. With the rapid economic development, agriculture has put forward higher requirements on the variety and quality of chemical fertilizers, and the production of compound fertilizers has also been paid more and more attention. It is the mainstream fertilizer in the market at […]

Roller Press Granulator Production Line sold to Indonesia

Indonesia Roller Press Granulator Production Line: This Indonesian customer bought a Roller Press Granulator Production Line. This is the second time the customer has placed an order with us. Previously, the customer bought a Double roller granulator from our company. After the customer received the machine, he was first satisfied with the appearance of our […]

Double roller press granulator production line sold to Paraguay

Why use a Double roller press granulator? Double roller press granulator is produced by non-drying room temperature process, one-time molding, the equipment investment is small, the effect is quick, and the economic benefit is good. Wide adaptability of raw materials, suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, chemical industry, feed, etc. […]