Fertilizer blender for sale

Description of Fertilizer blender A fertilizer blender is a machine that mixes fertilizer uniformly. We are a professional Fertilizer machinery manufacturer. Our Fertilizer blender for sale includes a Horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer, Vertical Mixer(Disc mixer). Fertilizer blender for sale: Horizontal mixer Uses and features The horizontal mixer is suitable for mixing the powder material, […]

Double shaft mixer

Double shaft mixer introduction: A double shaft mixer is a type of Fertilizer blender. It uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical screw shafts to add water and stir while conveying granular or powdery materials such as fertilizers to evenly humidify the granular or powdery materials to make the powdery The material reaches a controllable […]

How to mix fertilizer?

How to mix fertilizer? Vegetable crops need a variety of nutrients for growth and development. Usually, most of the chemical fertilizers we produce and buy contain only one element or two elements. For example, urea, ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, etc. are very simple nitrogen fertilizers, and potassium chloride is also very simple. Potash fertilizer, only a […]

Horizontal mixer

Horizontal mixer introduction: A horizontal mixer is a machine used for mixing more than two kinds of fertilizers. This machine makes the materials fully mixed, thereby improving the uniformity of mixing; the horizontal mixer produced by Tianci adopts a novel rotor structure, and the minimum gap between the rotor and the bright body is adjustable […]

Production process of mixed fertilizer

How to produce mixed fertilizer and what production line equipment is needed? The choice of blending fertilizer equipment and production technology depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the current technology level of compound fertilizer, and the progress of science and technology, and the production level of basic fertilizer. In addition, there […]