Mixed fertilizer manufacturing process

Mixed fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that contains two or more essential nutrients required for plant growth. These nutrients can include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as secondary and micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and zinc. Mixed fertilizer is often preferred by farmers over single-nutrient fertilizers because it provides a balanced nutrient supply […]

Manure mixing machine (2)

Manure mixing machine

Manure mixing machine is a kind of equipment used to process organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure. Its main function is to mix livestock and poultry manure with other materials in order to convert it into waste that is easy to handle. This article will discuss the development history, application field, working principle […]

Mixed fertilizer production method and equipment

There are many methods of producing blended fertilizers, and the choice of blending equipment and production process depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the current technological level of compound fertilizers, which depends on the progress of science and technology and the production level of basic fertilizers; in addition, there are also […]


Granular fertilizer mixer

Granular fertilizer mixer, also known as drum mixer, can not only be used for the mixing of fertilizer particles, but also for the mixing of other powdery and granular materials. Granular fertilizer mixer is mainly used for BB fertilizer mixing in fertilizer processing. It can be combined with a feeding device and packaging machine to […]

Classification and difference of organic fertilizer mixer

An organic fertilizer mixer is mixing and stirring organic fertilizer equipment. There are three types of organic fertilizer mixer equipment in the organic fertilizer processing technology: horizontal mixer, double-shaft mixer, and disc mixer. It plays the role of mixing and stirring in the organic fertilizer production process. Organic fertilizer mixer classification and mixing effect: 1. […]

Mobile horizontal mixer shipped to Côte d’Ivoire Africa

Customers from Ivory Coast in Africa purchase a portable horizontal mixer: Last week we sent a mobile horizontal mixer to Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. The client’s main raw materials are ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride, which are mainly used to make compound fertilizers. The customer has a set of compound fertilizer production lines, but the customer […]

How to choose Fertilizer mixer for mixed fertilizer

Fertilizer mixer has many uses in the processing of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. The mixing of raw materials and blending fertilizers requires the use of a Fertilizer mixer. Fertilizer mixer is divided into different models, including horizontal mixer, vertical mixer, disc mixer, and so on. So, there are so many models of mixers, how […]


Fertilizer mixing machine

Fertilizer mixing machine: Blending fertilizer is not unfamiliar to many people. Now that the market share of blending fertilizer is very high, many companies want to invest in Fertilizer mixing machine equipment to produce blended fertilizer. So how much do you know about Fertilizer mixing machine equipment? Who are the manufacturers of Fertilizer mixing machine […]

What equipment is needed for blending fertilizers?

Introduction of Blending fertilizers: Blending fertilizers, also called Blended fertilizers, are obtained by mechanically mixing several single fertilizers, or a single fertilizer and binary or ternary compound fertilizers. Sometimes fillers can be added to improve the physical and chemical properties of the fertilizer. For example, in order to prevent excessive acidification of ammonium nitrate and […]

Fertilizer blender for sale

Description of Fertilizer blender A fertilizer blender is a machine that mixes fertilizer uniformly. We are a professional Fertilizer machinery manufacturer. Our Fertilizer blender for sale includes a Horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer, Vertical Mixer(Disc mixer). Fertilizer blender for sale: Horizontal mixer Uses and features The horizontal mixer is suitable for mixing the powder material, […]