Philippine disc pelletizer shipment

Recently, we sent a disc pelletizer to the Philippines. This is the second time that this customer has cooperated with us. He bought a production line from us before. The origin of the Philippine disc granulator customer: The customer of the Philippine disc granulator is a middleman who buys goods from us and sells them […]

China fertilizer granulator machine price

Introduction of Fertilizer granulation equipment: Fertilizer granulator machine, also called Fertilizer granulation equipment, is widely used in fertilizer processing industry, feed processing industry, biomass energy processing, gold dressing plants, coal mining plants, infrastructure, and mechanized casting workshops for continuous manufacturing of granules. Fertilizer granulation equipment can be divided into horizontal centrifugal high-efficiency granulator, extrusion granulator, […]

Organic fertilizer disc granulator price

Introduction: Organic fertilizer disc granulator is the main equipment in the disc granulator production line, which can manufacture materials into specific shapes. The Organic fertilizer disc granulator produced by China’s organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tianci brand is widely used in organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, […]

What granulator is used for Organic household waste

Organic household waste treatment as organic fertilizer can not be underestimated for the environmental protection treatment of the city. In recent years, it has become a hot spot for urban organic household waste to realize resource utilization. The process of processing urban organic household waste into organic fertilizer mainly uses four stages of material separation-compost […]

Organic fertilizer granulator machine india

Organic fertilizer granulator machine india: At present, in the hot organic fertilizer equipment market, there are many kinds of Organic fertilizer granulator machine equipment, which makes it it users difficult to choose when purchasing. Recently we sold an Organic fertilizer granulator machine to India. In communication with Indian customers, The customer raised the question of […]

Extrusion granulator to produce compound fertilizer

Extrusion granulator application: Extrusion granulator production of compound fertilizer raw material route is extensive has been successfully used for extrusion granulation of more than 20 kinds of materials: nitrogen ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, and so on, among nitrogen fertilizers, and phosphate fertilizers. There are ammonium phosphate, common calcium, heavy calcium, phosphate rock […]

Small flat film pellet machine shipped to Azerbaijan

Last week, we sent a straw machine and a small flat die granulator to Azerbaijan. This is our first time exporting goods to Azerbaijan. The customer found us through our website and wanted to buy a pelletizer to make animal feed. We recommended our flat film pelletizing production line to the customer. The customer said […]

China Organic fertilizer granulator

China Organic fertilizer granulator: Last week we sent a use-60 organic fertilizer granulator to China. The customer is a trading company in China. He helped his customer find an organic fertilizer granulator. After seeing our official website, I contacted Our salesman told us that the main raw materials of our customers are chicken manure and […]

How to buy organic fertilizer granulator machine?

Organic fertilizer granulator machine equipment is an important part of commercial organic fertilizer and large and medium-sized organic fertilizer processing production lines. Because the organic fertilizer processed into pellets is not only convenient for storage and transportation but also has many benefits such as water retention and fertilizer retention. The purchase of organic fertilizer granulator […]

Organic Fertilizer New granulator VS Roller Extrusion Granulator

At present, there are many organic fertilizer granulators on the market. The mainstream models include Organic Fertilizer New granulator, double-roll extrusion granulator, and disc granulator. They respectively represent rotary dynamic friction pellets and forced extrusion granulation. At the same time, there is a big difference between the production capacity. The Organic Fertilizer New granulator has […]