Fertilizer plant machinery equipment

Fertilizer plant machinery equipment is a production line unit consisting of raw material metering, raw material crushing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, film coating, packaging and other processes. The production line always adheres to the principles of “fluidity, safety, operability, and aesthetics” in the design, so that the entire production line realizes mechatronics, which will be […]

Price of BB fertilizer production line with output of 5-10 tons per hour

BB fertilizer production line is a complete set of BB fertilizer production equipment specialized in producing BB fertilizer. A complete BB fertilizer production line includes a fully automatic batching system, a lifting conveyor, a special mixing system for BB fertilizer, a finished product storage bin, an automatic quantitative packaging scale, and a sewing machine. Working […]

Organic fertilizer granulation machine selection?

There are many types of granulators, which are basically divided into new organic fertilizer granulation machine, wet tooth stirring granulator, disc granulator, drum granulator, new compound granulator, roller extrusion granulator, flat granulator Die granulator, etc. How to choose the type and which one is suitable for processing fertilizer? Classification and application of Organic fertilizer granulation […]

Biogas residue organic fertilizer production line

Biogas residue organic fertilizer production line is the key equipment for biogas residue utilization. Biogas residue is a material produced by livestock and poultry breeding and agricultural surface pollution reduction. How to make full use of the manure of the breeding industry to create benefits, and how to use the biogas residue to make organic […]

What equipment does the organic manure making machine have

To open an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer factory, there is no doubt that the production of organic fertilizer requires processing equipment. What equipment does such an organic manure making machine have, and how much does it cost to invest? Tianci Henan organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer will tell you. The investment price depends on the production […]

Manufacture of nitrogenous fertilizers

Nitrogen fertilizer is an indispensable nutrient for crops and is closely related to the growth of crops. Nitrogen is an important part of plant chlorophyll, and it is also the key to the proliferation of crop cells. If a growing crop lacks nitrogen, the plant will appear short and weak; The leaves gradually dry and […]

Fertilizer processing machine

Fertilizer products can be made into granules or powder, depending on the market demand, in order to balance nutrients, suitable for transportation and storage, it is recommended to process organic and inorganic compound fertilizers into granular products. The equipment used for its production is called the Fertilizer processing machine. The moisture content requirements of the […]

Tianci NPK fertilizer granulator Manufacturer

NPK fertilizer granulator is mainly granulation equipment for the production of NPK fertilizer. NPK fertilizer refers to the three-element nutrients contained in common garden fertilizers: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), or potash fertilizer, also known as NPK, when it comes to NPK fertilizers, has a wide variety of options. The numbers on the bag […]

Organic fertilizer production machine manufacturer

Tianci Organic fertilizer production machine manufacturer: An organic fertilizer production machine, as its name implies, is a machine for producing organic fertilizers. Tianci is a large-scale organic fertilizer production machine manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, focusing on R&D and production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production equipment. The products not only sell […]

Production of pelleted organic fertilizer equipment

Production of pelleted organic fertilizer equipment: The production of pelleted organic fertilizer equipment is mainly based on the Organic fertilizer production line equipment composed of granulators and other supporting equipment. There are mainly forklifts – turners – quantitative feeding vibrating silos – pulverizers – drum screening machines – belt conveying Machine-electronic dynamic batching scale (optional)-mixing […]