Organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process: The entire flow of the Organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be simply divided into three processes: pre-processing, fermentation, and post-processing. Organic fertilizer manufacturing process pretreatment: After the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, they are weighed on a scale and sent to the mixing and mixing device, mixed […]

What equipment is needed for blending fertilizers?

Introduction of Blending fertilizers: Blending fertilizers, also called Blended fertilizers, are obtained by mechanically mixing several single fertilizers, or a single fertilizer and binary or ternary compound fertilizers. Sometimes fillers can be added to improve the physical and chemical properties of the fertilizer. For example, in order to prevent excessive acidification of ammonium nitrate and […]

What equipment is needed for Organic fertilizer production?

Organic fertilizer production fermentation process: Organic fertilizer production fermentation technology is to add biological inoculants to livestock and poultry manure and other organic materials (must choose bacteria that reduce ammonia in the production workshop during fermentation, otherwise it will cause great harm to the production environment and great harm to production workers). Bio-fermentation treatment in […]

How to process chicken manure and pig manure into organic fertilizer?

The processing of chicken manure and pig manure into organic fertilizer can effectively solve the problem of manure discharge pressure from farms and farms, and the waste discharged from farms and farms can be processed into organic fertilizer through Fertilizer machinery, which can be sold on the market Or it can be used to fertilize […]

Making organic fertilizers

Making organic fertilizers: The current society advocates green and environmental protection, and the concepts of green agriculture and organic agriculture are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Making organic fertilizers can not only turn waste into treasure, reduce environmental problems, but also provide high-quality fertilizers for agriculture. Making organic fertilizers have a wide […]

How is fertilizer made?

How is fertilizer made? Fertilizers are mainly divided into organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers. Here we mainly introduce the How is a commercial organic fertilizer made? Commercial organic fertilizers are organic fertilizers that have been processed by manufacturers. The pests and weeds seeds are almost dead after high-temperature treatment and can be directly applied to […]

How to make organic fertilizer?

What is organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizer refers to a fertilizer made from by-product resources rich in organic matter, such as animal excrement or animal and plant residues, as the main raw material, after being fermented and decomposed. Organic fertilizer has the characteristics of improving soil, improving soil fertility, improving soil nutrient vitality, purifying soil ecological […]

How to make cow dung fertilizer?

How to make cow dung fertilizer? Mention of cow dung from farms is a headache. Cow dung not only pollutes the environment but also seriously affects the living environment of residents. Cow manure organic fertilizer: In fact, cow dung contains a lot of nutrients needed for crop growth. It is an ideal project to make […]

Compound fertilizer production line

Compound fertilizer production line features: The process flow of the compound fertilizer production line can usually be divided into raw material batching, raw material mixing, raw material granulation, particle drying, particle cooling, particle classification, finished product coating, and finished product packaging. Tianci designs compound production lines with low investment and good economic benefits. Complete set […]

Small scale organic fertilizer production line

How much does a small-scale organic fertilizer production line cost? Organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of 10,000 to 30,000 tons are all small-scale organic fertilizer production lines. Basically, a set of organic fertilizer production lines can be combined with many processes according to possible needs, including granulation, drying, screening, crushing, conveying, and […]