Dap fertilizer production process

Classification and characteristics: There are many processes for urea production, but the commonly used methods are the aqueous solution full circulation method, the carbon dioxide stripping method, and the ammonia stripping method. No matter which of these three processes is used, they have common characteristics: First, the most important corrosive medium is urea methylammonium liquid, […]

NPK fertilizer production line

How many processes can the NPK fertilizer production line be divided into? The NPK fertilizer production line is divided into eight processes: batching, mixing, crushing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, coating, packaging, process characteristics: mature production technology, stable equipment operation, and high production efficiency. The investment cost is low, the production effect is good, and it […]

Organic fertilizer production line

Development prospects of Organic fertilizer production line: As we all know, the application of chemical fertilizers causes soil compaction and degradation of agricultural product quality, resulting in low crop yields. Therefore, the state encourages the use of organic fertilizers, and has introduced relevant subsidies and preferential policies to promote the development of the organic fertilizer […]