Organic fertilizer granulator

What are the advantages of organic fertilizer granulator in granulation: 1. Organic fertilizer granulator is also called the fertilizer granulator machine. The organic fertilizer granulator can granulate all kinds of organic matter. It is a little more convenient to use. Some organic fertilizers have a lighter specific gravity and are easily blown away by the […]

Double roller granulator

Friends who want to buy a granulator, do you know Double roller granulator? The double roller granulator is actually the abbreviation of the twin-shaft twin-roller granulator. The twin-roller extrusion granulator is mainly for the granulation of inorganic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. The twin-roller extrusion production line does not need to dry the granulation of inorganic […]

Fertilizer granulator

Fertilizer granulator introduction: Fertilizer granulator is a kind of granulator, which is used to granulate all kinds of organic matter after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional granulation technology of organic matter. The granulator can process spherical particles directly without drying and crushing the raw material before granulation, which can save a lot of energy. […]