How to use organic fertilizer correctly?

Proper use of organic fertilizers can quickly increase soil organic matter, improve soil air permeability, relieve soil fatigue, improve soil buffer capacity, and provide a good environment for the growth of vegetables. However, the editor found in the process of interviews in the countryside that the methods of using organic fertilizers by vegetable farmers are often inappropriate and need to be improved.
Use organic fertilizers to be decomposed. Fully decomposed organic fertilizer does not produce harmful gas, does not burn roots, has no bacteria, and decomposes quickly, which is conducive to the absorption of vegetable roots. However, many vegetable farmers do not have the habit of decomposing manure. They usually buy it and use it immediately, which will cause some harm to vegetables in many cases. Therefore, the manure must be thoroughly decomposed before use. In order to promote decomposing, high-quality decomposing agents can be added to the manure to accelerate decomposing. The rice husk manure or corn cob used by vegetable farmers has a high content of organic matter, but the rice husk in the rice husk manure is more waxy, so it is difficult to ferment and decompose. The effect of increasing organic matter is not good. Only after the rice husk manure is decomposed and decomposed can the organic matter in the soil be improved and the soil structure improved. Therefore, when using rice husk manure, it is best for vegetable farmers to ferment and decompose with biological bacteria first. use.

Deep plow after using organic fertilizer. Many vegetable farmers use a large amount of manure. After use, they only use a rotary tiller to turn the land. From the surface, the organic fertilizer has been turned into the soil, but the organic fertilizer is still mainly concentrated in the soil layer about 10 cm above the ground, and has not been turned. Into the deep soil, this causes the manure to be relatively concentrated. If it is not decomposed, it will easily cause root burn and gas damage. Moreover, the nutrients in this soil layer are too concentrated, which is not conducive to the root system. Therefore, deep plowing should be carried out after applying organic fertilizer. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to evenly plow the organic fertilizer into the 25-30 cm cultivation layer of the soil. Therefore, vegetable farmers should use a shovel to plow once after using the rotary tiller to plow the ground. Make the organic fertilizer evenly dispersed in the tillage layer.
Commercial organic fertilizer is a finished organic fertilizer produced by Fertilizer plant machinery equipment. Vegetable farmers can directly spread it on the planting bed for use, or apply it to the soil around the root system of vegetables in a package or in holes to locally increase the organic matter content of the soil. , to create a good growth environment for vegetable roots.
Vegetable farmers can also increase the content of soil organic matter by returning straw to the field or setting up biological straw reactors in greenhouses.

Increasing the content of soil organic matter is not something that can be done in a short period of time, it needs a long process, because the organic matter in the soil is easy to decompose under the action of soil microorganisms, so that the organic matter in the soil is greatly reduced, so vegetable farmers should use organic matter year after year. Fat. If the greenhouse has been planted for more than 3 years, while using about 20 square meters of rice husk manure per mu, add one and a half tons of organic fertilizer with an organic matter content of 30% per mu to meet the premise of good vegetable growth. It can also improve and increase the organic matter content of the soil. For newly-built greenhouses, the amount of organic fertilizer should be increased to increase the content of soil organic matter as soon as possible, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and provide a good soil environment for vegetable growth.

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