Ways to make an organic fertilizer compost pit

Ways to make an organic fertilizer compost pit:

Dig a trench next to the site, put the compost material in it, and cover the soil less, you can get organic fertilizer in a few months. This kind of homemade compost is suitable for homemade fertilizer, and commercial organic fertilizer needs to be composted. The factory builds a compost tank, pours the raw materials into the compost tank, adds a starter, and regularly needs to use a Compost turner machine for turning and throwing.

Compost pit

Compost pit

Compost fertilizer making process:

After constructing the trough, throw in the vegetable leaves, fruit peels, and other raw materials, and then cover the soil. In about half a year to a year, you can get black fertile compost.
This is also a good way for you to deal with hay, fallen leaves, and dead branches. If it is weeds, bury them deeply to prevent them from growing again.
Compost made by yourself can promote plant growth. It can not only supplement the necessary nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) elements but also supplement other trace elements to reduce pests and diseases.

Compost fertilizer making process

Compost fertilizer making process

What materials can be used to make organic compost?

1. Weeds: hay or fresh grass is all right, all kinds of plant materials can be used as composting materials;
2. Cooking materials: coffee grounds, tea grounds, eggshells, fruit shells, and vegetable leaves produced in daily life can be used as composting materials;
3. Plant deposits: plant stems, leaves, vegetable residues, grains, herbs, etc.;
4. Dry plants: old leaves, withered flowers, supporting ornaments, grass clippings, etc.;
5. Animal manure can also be used for composting, such as pig, chicken, and cow manure.

How is fertilizer made (2)

Compost raw materials

Compost fertilizer production environmental requirements:

The environment of Compost fertilizer production should be far away from standing water or excessively humid environment. If long-term standing water or excessively humid environment, these soils will not be able to decompose and ferment, and can only turn into some sludge, which does not promote the growth of plants, so drainage Good place for composting.
The composting place can be selected under the shade because strong sunlight will affect the composting. The composting environment should be well-drained and ventilated to allow proper sunlight.

Compost fertilizer production

Compost fertilizer production

Compost manure preparation:

In order to speed up the rate of decomposing and fermentation of compost materials, the compost materials should be broken up as much as possible, such as common hay, vegetable leaves, and peels, etc., which must be broken up before throwing them in, which will help decompose faster. Commercial organic fertilizers often use Semi wet fertilizer crushers to crush raw materials.

Vertical Crusher Machine (3)

Semi wet fertilizer crusher

Compost fertilizer manufacturing process:

After the materials are put into the tank for composting, the soil can be covered. Each time you add new compost material, you need to cover a layer of soil to avoid the odor. Some animal manure can be placed on top of the compost material. Fill the hole until the entire hole is filled. Keep the compost material moist during the composting period, and water it regularly when it is dry.
In addition, it should be noted that it is not that the materials below the ground decompose first, because the materials at the bottom lack oxygen and the decomposition rate is slower than that of the ground compost materials. During the composting process, if the soil is too dry, it will easily fail. In a dry environment, It needs to be poured with a water pipe.
In general, the location of the compost should be kept away from the sun, standing water, or excessive wind. The composting pit can be separated by fences or stones. The compost soil after decomposing and fermenting should not be used directly for planting flowers. It needs to be mixed in the soil. Medium, the ratio should not be too large, otherwise, it will easily cause fat injuries.

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