What to do with chicken poop?

What to do with chicken poop?

Chicken farming is a project in the vast villages, and there are many chicken farms everywhere, so what to do with chicken poop? It has also become a headache for many chicken farms. How to deal with the chicken manure that produces so much every day? If you do not deal with it, it will seriously affect the growth of broilers. If you dispose of it at will, you will complain about environmental pollution. The following Tianci Heavy will bring you several Solutions.

1. Organic-fertilizer:

The direct use of chicken manure as organic fertilizer is currently the most direct method. The daily production of chicken manure is collected together, piled up, and fermented for a period of time before being transported to the land as organic fertilizer. Chicken manure itself is a product with very high fertilizer value. It contains a lot of trace elements needed for plant growth, and fertility can be greatly improved after fermentation. If conditions permit, you can also set up a special fertilizer production plant to sell these fertilizers and obtain higher profits.

Raw material collection of organic fertilizer

Raw material collection of organic fertilizer

Equipment needed to make chicken manure organic fertilizer:

1. Chicken manure fermentation equipment—tank-type stacker, roulette type stacker, or fermentation tank, can be fermented and decomposed, and can effectively save space and equipment investment funds.
2. The new type of dry and wet material pulverizer-vertical pulverizer and horizontal pulverizer, even if the material is taken out of the water, it will be crushed and not blocked.
3. Fully automatic multi-warehouse batching machine–designed as 2 warehouses, 3 warehouses, 4 warehouses, 5 warehouses, etc. according to the customer’s raw material varieties. In the system structure, a small and medium-sized distributed control system is adopted to realize the problems of decentralized control and centralized management; this system adopts static weighing and batching, dynamically evenly dividing the materials, so that the prepared materials can reach a good level before entering the agitator. The mixing process improves the stability of the system and improves the working environment of the operator.
4. Mixing mixers-including vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, and dual-shaft powerful mixers. The internal stirring structure is divided into stirring knife type, spiral type, etc. Design a suitable mixing structure according to the characteristics of the material. The discharge port is designed for cylinder control and baffle control.
5. Chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator-disc granulator, throwing machine, drum granulator, coating machine, etc. According to the characteristics of the raw materials, select the appropriate granulator.

2. Processing into feed:

Processing into feed is a technology that has only slowly emerged in recent years. It has been discovered that the dried chicken manure can be used as feed to feed pigs, sheep, fish, and the like after processing with corn stalks or grain bran. The effect is fairly good, and in some aspects, it is not inferior to concentrated feed. Of course, it can also be directly fermented and dried in the sun and then ground into powder, and added during feeding. Everyone must remember that the proportion of chicken manure in the feed should not exceed 15% at most, and it should not exceed 12% when directly dried and mixed. It is recommended that you process it into feed and feed it directly, and the safety is much lower if it is directly dried and fed.

3. As raw material for biogas digester:

This is a common method in recent years. Biogas can be used to make fires, and biogas residue can be used as fertilizer. It can be said that the value of chicken manure is more comprehensively used. You only need to send chicken manure to the biogas tank on a regular basis. Just inside. This method can greatly reduce the taste of chicken manure, and the fermentation time of the biogas digester is also very fast. The fermentation can be completed in half a month to a month so that the chicken manure will not accumulate for a long time.

To sum up:

The above are some methods of chicken manure treatment. The current chicken manure treatment methods are still being developed, and there should be better methods in the later period. You can follow our website to learn about new methods at any time. Tianci Heavy is a professional Fertilizer machinery manufacturer. We sell all kinds of fertilizer equipment, you can contact us if you need it.

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